The “Posted” Dilemma – Resolved

For those of you who didn’t read the previous “Posted” Dilemma post, I’ll provide a very brief situational report. While scouting a local Wildlife Management Area, I came across an area that appeared to be WMA according to quite a few online resources but was in fact “posted.” I was confident of my location as I was navigating via terrain features (I try to practice using no technology when I can) and occasionally checking my GPS to verify my location.

I’ve recently resolved this issue and wouldn’t dare leave the faithful followers of in suspense.

I contacted the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources to question the posted land. After a few minutes on hold, I spoke with someone who managed the WMA maps. She advised that most of the maps have been updated to topo maps with boundaries and all applicable roads and trails. However, this WMA has not been re-mapped. She did provide me with the most current map of the area. Although it wasn’t updated to a topo map and wasn’t overly detailed, it did clearly show that the maps available online are far from accurate and that the area I had intended to hunt is in fact private land.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 3.12.27 PM

This is the map the WVDNR provided. It is hardly detailed or easy to read. But it clearly identifies differences in its boundaries as compared to maps available online.

Regardless, I found an area that should provide some decent hunting. It is most definitely on the WMA so I should be legal even if I don’t have a successful hunt. I’ll most assuredly respect the landowner’s rights and not trespass. However, if you are by chance the owner of said land and you just so happened to visit and read this, any chance you’d allow me to hunt there?


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