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  1. I hear you … I’m relatively new to the Blogging thing I originally wanted to call mine “365 Things you don’t know about Meat” with intention of writing every day … I dunno who I thought I was kidding!!!
    It’s a TON of work AND … I just didn’t want to fill my Blog with “Fodder”.
    I finally decided … quality VS quantity and now … I “try” very hard to post at LEAST once a week … it’s a work in progress.
    Hey … we’re all learning from each other right ??? Stay hungry friend 🙂

    Stay hungry friend …

    • It’s definitely a learning experience. I’m almost at a year and I learn something new nearly every time I post. Generally speaking, I strive to post three times a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. But as you said, I’d rather have quality than quantity so if I don’t have a post, I don’t sweat it too much. As long as I can get one a week, I’m pleased.

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