Walking Alone

Walking Alone

My family walks with me most mornings.  As mentioned in my previous post, we have all grown quite fond of our family walks.  But sometimes, if I have work to do out in the field or if the family has other obligations, I walk alone through the mountains behind our property.

I enjoy the family time, but I also enjoy the moments of solitude that I spend sauntering around the goldfish pond and the time I spend quietly climbing hillsides and steep trails.  In these solitary moments, I allow myself time to forget about the minutia of life, time to feel a primal instinct coursing through my veins, and time to be myself.

I no longer think of any bills that need paid.  I no longer think of any chores that I need to complete.  I no longer think of the unimportant nuances of my life.  I no longer think; I simply exist.

Tracks in the SnowThis morning I walked through the mountains alone.  I followed a rabbit’s tracks along a trail, through the forest, and into thick brush.  I studied coyote tracks that followed the same trail but vanished just beyond the forest’s edge.  I stood motionless as five deer pranced down a mountainside and turned within feet of my rigid body.  They turned abruptly, knowing something wasn’t normal, but only galloped a few yards away before they stopped, and like me, stood motionless, waiting for the next event to unfold.  I remained silent for over ten minutes, watching the whitetails as they considered the situation.  They ducked their heads as if to eat, but quickly returned to their observations.   Finally, I surrendered.  I moved my foot towards the direction I needed to travel, and immediately the deer bounded over the next ridge.  I heard them for several more seconds before they disappeared from my existence.

While walking back towards our property, the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t spoken since I left my house early in the morning.  I almost mumbled something clever but forewent the effort to spare myself and my tranquil surroundings the unnecessary noise.  Instead, I simply walked in silence, appreciating the opportunity to be alone in the forest.


8 thoughts on “Walking Alone

  1. It’s a special time of day, fun to share, but also great to experience alone, and let other cares slide for a while. You could get too used to it…
    And how wonderful to be able to step out your door and straight into it.
    Thanks for this, enjoyable reading, as ever!

    • Thank you, kind sir. I’ve been greatly enjoying my jaunts through the woods. It somehow makes the rest of the day much calmer and worthwhile!

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting, my friend!

    • Thank you, sir. I happened to look down the hillside and saw the long shadow and knew that it would make a pretty cool pic.

      I need to be careful about the depth though. I’ve found that usually if I’m into something deep, it smells bad and came from a horse!

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