Not Much to Say

Whitetail Deer Doe Bedded

Time has passed slowly and steadily since my last post.  I strive to publish at least once a week – at least during typical weeks.  The past two weeks have been quite atypical due to the holidays and the increased number of occupants in my home.  In lieu of working on something to publish, I’ve spent the bulk of my time enjoying my family, reading, and playing guitar.

I suppose that I could write about some of the nature writers I’ve been reading lately.  And perhaps I will provide a thorough review of each book (or author) in the future.  But I’d prefer to at least allow some time to really digest what I’ve read.  Authors like Abbey, Caudill, and Berry deserve at least some analytical thought before attempting a legitimate review of their work.

Perhaps I could write of my guitar playing.  I’ve been working on a few new songs – by new I mean that I’ve recently learned them – as well as perfecting some of my old stand-bys.  As of late, I’ve also been working on the subtle nuances of a song I’ve written.  At some point, I’ll likely post a few videos of these songs on YouTube.  Until then, I’ll spare you the details.

I could also write of a Norman Rockwell-esque Christmas full of family, love, and joy.  Children played.  Parents perpetrated the belief in Santa Claus.  All had a wonderful time.  But happy Christmas stories are often cliche and are better left to the masters of writing.

So for this post, I’ll simply provide you with a partial insight into my love of nature as well as my dichotomous relationship with hunting.  I’ve completely abandoned doe season this year.  For one, I have a large family and I’d just assume spend quality time with them as anywhere else.  As I’ve previously mentioned, at this point, my refrigerator and freezer are both full leaving me no room for freshly processed venison.  Additionally, I’m on vacation.  I haven’t had any school work due, no required reading, no papers to write, and no deadlines for a couple of weeks and I’ve been using this time to relax.  Finally, I feel like doe hunting is almost like cheating.  Certainly there is nothing wrong with harvesting a doe if you are in need of meat.   But as a bow hunter who actively pursues the craftier bucks, but has had no success this season, I feel that I would be cheating by taking a doe.  I suppose it could be difficult to understand this philosophy.  So I’ll leave it as this:  I’m not speaking disparaging remarks towards those inclined to taking a doe.  I just personally feel that after missing out on a buck, and not needing the meat, I’ll pass on the whitetails of the female persuasion.

Lately I’ve found myself quite smitten for the five doe that often visit my back yard.  Countless times throughout the day I stand at my sliding glass doors to watch the birds and squirrels and I always look through the forest trying to see my doe sneaking through the trees.  As I hear gunshots nearby, I continually tell my wife that I hope no one has killed my deer.

Perhaps in the near future, I’ll publish a post about hand feeding my pet deer;  I’m going to give it my best effort to do so.  I’m certain that I’ll do a review on my bird feeder as well as reviews of a few outdoor gear reviews.  But until then, all I really have to say is that I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Holiday.


10 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. Please don’t take this as a election on your woodsman-ship. But you sound like a man mellowing and enjoying the time to enjoy less active moments for both your body and mind. Joyous New Year to the Duncan Clan.

  2. Happy New Year’s to you and yours. I am all for taking a doe to fill the freezer. I have unfortunately not had time to get out. I am sure I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been out deer hunting this year. Next year when I am living where I hunt will be different. I did see a doe while I was waiting for inspectors to come, but I wasn’t prepared so she walked free. Next year maybe. Enjoy your vacation.

    • Thanks buddy. I’ve certainly taken doe for the freezer. But here at this house, freezer space is in short supply. I’m planning to get a pressure cooker prior to next season in hopes of canning venison – my favorite preparation method. I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays and have a safe and happy New Year!

      • That is a good problem to have. With the sheep next year, I may have that problem as well, we will see. I would love to start pressure canning venison, chicken, and rabbit. Happy New Year to you and yours as well friend.

  3. Hello Duncan.
    We are in the hands of Winter here now. Snow on the ground with nighttime temperatures down to -25 to -30 this coming week. So Happy New Year Duncan to you and your family.

    • Wow. That’s a bit nippy. Even so, I’m envious. Winters here are off and on. We get snow and cold spells, then it warms up just enough to make a muddy mess. I remember winters of my youth where the ground was white from late November through most of March. I miss those winters dearly. Thanks for visiting and commenting Ken!

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