It’s Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with You.

Sledding with Boys

The past few days have been eventful to say the least.  Floods, landslides, emergency hotel stays, and an uneventful last day of rifle season have had a tremendous impact on my daily routines.  We traveled across the state last Friday and were forced to stay an extra day due to snow.  Monday we returned home between snow storms only to arrive just before a severe weather warning.  Tuesday morning, school was cancelled (my son’s, not mine) just as upwards of six inches of ice and snow fell.

Certainly I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and such.  But in general, I enjoy being outside.  Seizing the opportunity to instill this love of all things outside, I instructed my wife and boys to dawn their snowsuits and follow their Bearded Woodsman to snow-covered bliss.

My oldest boy, Max took the opportunity to make snow angels while his mother and Turtle were gathering their cold weather gear.

Snow Angels

Turtle Snow 1It wasn’t long before Turtle made his haphazard way into the snow.  This was essentially his first time playing in the snow.  HE LOVED IT!  He played.  He giggled.  He learned a bit about the importance of gloves.  He giggled some more.  And finally, he made his daddy proud.  I’m pleased that he loves the outdoors like his old man.

After Turtle became acquainted with his newfound white playground, I commenced to dragging both boys around the backyard on a sled.  I almost wrapped the rope around my waist and dragged them via Stallone in Rocky IV.  But Stallone was in shape filming all of his prizefighter movies and I’m not.

Boys on Sled

Eventually, we made our way to the long driveway behind our house.  The snow was tiring and Turtle was nearly finished with his enjoyment so we only made a few runs.

Sledding with Boys

On the trip back up the hill, I took the opportunity to hold hands with my pride and joy.

Father and Son

While Max expended some youthful energy going up and down the hill.


PhotographerMy lovely wife enjoyed herself as well.  Unfortunately, the drawback to being the and family photographer is being excluded from all of the photos.  She’s become quite adept at “selfies.”  But in this instance, this is the only photo my lovely wife managed to take of herself during our winter wonderland outing.  Bless her heart.  She’s as good as gold.  Perhaps in the future, I’ll be smart enough to offer my unsolicited assistance.  I don’t want her to ever feel that she isn’t an equal part of the family or our family outings.

And finally, I am compelled to share a final photo of Turtle.  I’m compelled both by my adoration of the boy as well as a fear of my wife beating me if I leave her favorite photo out of the post.

Turtle Snow 2


10 thoughts on “It’s Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with You.

    • A lot of people up here hate it and curse the meteorologists for even mentioning the possibility of snow. I, on the other hand, love it – walking in it, hunting in it, playing in it, even driving in it – I love the white powder. Well, the kind you find up north falling from the skies. lol

    • Thanks. Indeed we did. And it looks like we’re in for plenty more this weekend. I love the winter but I’m not happy that my 4X4 is out of service. That puts a damper on my ability to get out and enjoy the winter weather.

  1. That was a fun little post! A frolic with your spawn amid a wintry paradise. Igniting early in them a passion for the out-of-doors and the wonders that reside there. Good stuff, Duncan, on so many levels. Well done, Sir!


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