Rough Notes from the Woods – Cranberry Backcountry Adventure

The Cranberry River

I recently returned from a three day adventure in the Cranberry Backcountry of West Virginia.  The trip was phenomenal!

Hiking Fisherman's Trail

Fisherman’s Trail – Downhill is an enjoyable experience. Coming back up was a struggle for an old and chubby mountain man.

I hiked in alone early on Friday and set up camp.  My buddy Brent arrived just after dark and we proceeded to enjoy a venison and sweet potato dinner in front of the campfire.

I opted to spend most of my time “messin’ around camp,” writing, or walking along the river as opposed to fishing.  But I did manage to get about ten minutes to dedicate to the rainbow trout visible in the river.  I ended up hooking one but losing it before getting it to shore.

While Brent spent his time fly fishing, I took to jumping from rock to rock upriver.  As Brent later commented, “If you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you.  Whatever it may be.”  While climbing up and down the steep hillsides along the river, I slid over a yellow jacket’s nest.  Apparently they didn’t enjoy the experience and proceeded to remind me between forty and fifty times that I was not welcome in their home.  While running, flailing my arms, and cussing, I managed to lose my camera – and my composure.  Even so, the yellow jacket incident was just the adventure I was looking for.  I would have preferred a bit less pain, swelling, and itching.  But all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Camp in the Cranberry

“In the Cranberry.” Brent’s tent in the foreground. My lean-to in the background.

In the future, I’ll be providing some gear reviews from this trip as well as a few poems and possibly a short story.  I’ve been working on a first draft but likely won’t publish it for quite some time as I’d really like to polish it up and give it my best effort.


5 thoughts on “Rough Notes from the Woods – Cranberry Backcountry Adventure

    • It was a fantastic trip! There are few places that I enjoy more than the Cranberry.

      I looked for the camera some on Saturday after the yellow jacket incident. Then, Brent and I spent about an hour looking for it on Sunday before we hiked out. Even so, it has become an offering to the Cranberry Spirits. Fortunately, it was one of our older cameras that we keep for adventures like this. So, it wasn’t a huge loss. Had I taken my wife’s good camera, I’d still be there looking for it. Maybe that’s what I should do next year!

    • Agreed. The running, especially across slippery rocks, could have been disastrous. Fortunately, the only injuries sustained were the actual stings to my body and my pride. After about 30 minutes, I was laughing about the whole thing. But, I sure wasn’t laughing when it was happening. Thanks for the comment!

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