The Good and Bad of Prepping Magazines

Prepper Magazines

I’m not a prepper in the general sense of the word.  I don’t even own an AR-15 or any other assault rifle so I probably don’t fit the norm.  However, I am interested in being prepared for both natural and man-made disasters and make efforts to keep myself and my family safe.

I’ve been prepared for this kind of situation for years and ironically, I got caught with my pants down when the power and water went out immediately following the El Derecho storms of 2012.  Lately, we’ve been getting our act together by developing a family emergency plan, storing additional food, water and medicines, and talking to our children about how we handle various situations.  It should be noted that we don’t tell them scary stories about the world falling apart.  We simply explain that sometimes the power goes out or other bad things can happen and how we should handle these situations.

Lately I’ve purchased a couple of prepper magazines as I like to have light reading material laying around so that I can ease my scatter-brained tendencies.  I chose to purchase Shotgun NewsBe Ready!” and Gun World’s American Survival Guide.  These two magazines are excellent examples of the good and bad of prepping and prepping magazines.

From cover to cover, Be Ready! is an outstanding example of what should be in a magazine about being prepared.  Of course it has advertisements for expensive items that the average person will never need.  But beyond that, the writing is excellent.  The articles are relevant and provide information that is essential to survival.  It begins with, in my mind, the most important concept of preparation, mindset.  In addition to this motivational article, the magazine also covers issues like go-bags, how to store fuel, medicine, food safety and storage, drinking water, communications, how to handle children in disaster scenarios and quite a few other worthwhile topics.  “Get Your Rig Disaster-Ready” was a particularly good article.  It focused on what types of vehicles are best for disaster scenarios (no, it shouldn’t be camouflaged) as well as maintenance, necessary tools for repairs and travel, and what you should be keeping in your vehicle before and after disasters strike.

Overall, Be Ready! was a fantastic read full of useful information and entertaining articles.

On the other end of the spectrum is Gun World’s American Survival Guide.  Based on my humble opinion, it is a fluff magazine full of thinly-veiled scare tactics, people bragging about how prepared they are, and over-successful businessmen who’ve made a living marketing and selling worthless prepping gear.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were a few good tips and ideas here and there so it wasn’t entirely worthless.  But I have a difficult time paying $8.99 for a magazine that I consider “not entirely worthless.”  The featured story was a expose on Tim Ralston.  I don’t personally know Tim so I won’t attack him on a personal level.  But the majority of the article discussed his business and the products that he sells.  I should mention that of the products that I saw, none were essential for survival and all had a hefty price tag.

I recommend that every individual and family have some form of plan and be prepared for natural and man-made disaster.  If you’re looking for a good magazine that will give you a lot of information to get you started, pick up a copy of Shotgun News’ Be Ready!.  If you’re looking for something to put under the leg of your washing machine to keep it from bouncing around, try Gun World’s American Survival Guide.

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