Disaster Strikes West Virginia Hunting Season

Practice, Practice, Practice

OK.  So the title is a bit exaggerated.  But I can’t help but feel like I’m part of a personal disaster.  I live in West Virginia.  And it affects my hunting season.  Technically, I’m not being misleading…

Anyhow, if you’ve been visiting SmoothingIt.com, you know that I basically live for the outdoors, particularly archery season.  As it approaches, my whole mentality changes and most all of my focus turns to O. Virginianus.  “What’s the problem with that” you ask?  Well, nothing in and of itself.  However…

I’ve been putting off restringing my High Country bow for some time now.  I opted to let it slide for another season and then in the spring, changing the string and changing most of the accessories (arrow rest, quiver, stabilizer, sights, etc.).  I had been practicing just as an archer should, multiple shots from different positions and distances.  A few weeks ago, I went to nock an arrow and it didn’t fit right.  Upon careful review, my string was coming unwound behind my upper cam.

After quite a few calls, Gander Mountain offered the best hope of getting my bow fixed quickly.  They promised that they could have it ready in two weeks.  Well, I don’t like losing two weeks just prior to season, especially knowing that I’m going to have to reset all of the pins on my sights.  But I suppose that you take what you can get.

Today makes three weeks and one day since I gave them my bow.  After speaking with them on the phone yesterday, they offered little but a “it may be ready next Sunday.”  That is a total of four weeks leaving me with only six days before the season.  Not only that, it’s not even guaranteed for next Sunday, just a maybe that it will be ready next Sunday.  Needless to say that I am not pleased with this scenario.

So, as my dreams of a trophy buck on opening day gradually crumble around me, I suppose that my upcoming menu is going to change dramatically.  Instead of perfectly seasoned and grilled fresh tenderloins, it looks like I’ll be settling for some squirrel meat, squirrel gravy and biscuits.

14 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes West Virginia Hunting Season

  1. Ugh, that sucks! I’m really not too sure what you have near you, but I always recommend local archery shops. The one closest to us is an archery/fishing/bait shop staffed entirely by grumpy, grumbly old dudes who speak in monosyllables. However, when my boyfriend uncammed my bow last year, I took it in to them, and they fixed it with nary a word spoken. For four dollars. Then tested the pull and turned it up for me. Granted, it might take a while to get a bowstring ordered, but their waitlist may be shorter. Or they may depend a lot more on reputation and actually finish shit when they say they will. I’m sorry to hear you’re bow-less.

    • I most always prefer using local (hunting/fishing/trapping/etc) shops. However, there are no legit archery businesses in my area leaving me to deal with the corporate world. I can’t say how many times I’ve mentioned to my wife that we should start one near here. Sadly, brick and mortar shops filled with the latest and greatest require a lot of investment. I’d recommend gold and silver instead.

    • I recently did a review of the Bear Youth Bow. At this point, I’m wondering if I could torque it down and use it. lol Hopefully the folks at Gander Mountain come through and actually get it finished on Sunday. If so, I could have it sighted in and well-practiced within the few days. However, I expect that it will be a bit longer than Sunday. The gentlemen I spoke to didn’t sound too convincing when he told me “maybe Sunday.”

    • It’s been such a let-down that I’m just about willing to try making my own or using one of our kid’s bows. lol. Hopefully, it’ll be ready this Sunday. But I’m not holding my breath.

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    • Yeah. It’s really taken the wind out of my sails. Hopefully, it’ll be ready Sunday so I’ll have a little time to work on sighting it in. If not, looks like my season will start a bit later this year.

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  4. I would have gone to a pro shop, any pro shop, before Gander Mountain. Nothing against the big box stores, but the pro shops usually have a better relationship with string makers (we can usually get a string in about a week), and we HAVE to take care of customers or we’re done for.

    • I totally agree as far as pro shops go. My best experiences were always with small businesses that provide products and services specifically for outdoorsmen. Sadly, the area where I live doesn’t have any local guys. At this point, I still haven’t gotten my bow back and they are still waiting for the string. Opening day is this Saturday and I’ll likely be sitting in my house trying not to let my bad mood affect my wife and children.

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting SmoothingIt.com

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