If the Shoe Fits… Crocs for the Woodsman

Crocs 1

As I pointed out in my post about Appropriate Footwear for Outings, I think that boots are the top pick for woodsmen. However, I’ve also found that a simple pair of Crocs make for an excellent secondary pair of outdoor shoes.

The basic design for Crocs is a foam clog. However, they make a variety of styles and designs of shoes, clogs and sandals. They also come in about twenty different colors (even camouflage if you’re worried about being seen in them.)

Crocs may be ugly. They may be the biggest fashion mistake ever. They may make me look like a big ole’ dork. But I’m not one to worry too much about how I look. Perhaps if I were “dressing for success,” or even dressing for a date-night with my wife, Crocs wouldn’t be the best option. However, they excel at quite a few times in the woods.

I have found that there is no other shoe that compares to my Crocs when I am paddling my canoe. They are comfortable. They are waterproof. And for an added bonus, they float!

I could also claim that they are excellent for walking or hiking. Sure you could argue that they have very little tread and provide no ankle support. I can’t argue those points. However, I’ve hiked miles and miles in mine with no problems. I’ve known serious Appalachian Trail hikers who almost exclusively hike in Crocs. Overall, if I am going to do some long mileage hiking or negotiating rough terrain, I’m going for my boots or maybe a pair of hiking shoes. But for casual walks, it’s difficult to out-perform the comfort and weight of a pair of Crocs.

I’ve also found that Crocs are a great addition to my backwoods gear. They are light enough that I hardly notice them on my pack and at the end of the day, they are perfect. After wearing hot and heavy boots along the banks of a mountain river or over miles of rugged terrain, my Crocs are a blessing for spending time around camp. They’re cool, light and comfortable, providing me with hours of comfort while I rest my aching feet beside the campfire.

Crocs 2

Casual Crocs on the Left, “Dress” Crocs on the Right

Although I’m quite smitten with my Crocs and will likely never stop wearing them, I’m open to your thoughts. Too ugly? Too dorky? Too little tread and ankle support? Everybody’s got an opinion. You might as well share your’s here!

10 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits… Crocs for the Woodsman

  1. They are strange looking shoes, but I have been thinking about getting a pair. Reading your pros about canoeing I just may have a set before next summer!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! They are strange looking shoes. But you just can’t beat their comfort. I can’t imagine canoeing in anything else. As an added bonus, they’re fairly inexpensive and seem to last for years.

  2. In our recent trip up north I almost exclusively wore crocs. They are comfy, and if you happen to have blisters on your heels from playing basketball, they don’t rub on said blisters.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m not coordinated enough to play basketball so I can’t attest for those post-game blisters. But they are definitely nice for tired, old, beaten up feet.

  3. Duncan. How did I miss this article? I have worn nothing but Crocs for over two years. Yes I am Terry. I am a Croc dork. I have two faux fur lined for the winter. I can walk out into the carport, start the snowblower and follow the blower while staying comfy and dry!! Swimming, hiking, kayak fishing. I do wear leather boots or sneakers where appropriate for mowing or framing work.

    • Perhaps we should start an internet-based support group – Crocs Anonymous??? We can counsel other gentlemen with poor fashion choices but good logic! lol. I had a pair of lined Crocs but for whatever reason, the aroma became unpleasant so I had to sacrifice them to keep from offending the better half. I’m pretty much boots or Crocs all the time (although I’ve taken up running so running shoes are now part of the rotation.) Thanks for the input, Terry!

  4. Although I don’t hike in mine, I have a pair of croc-like shoes which I use as camp shoes. Man it feels good to pull of the boots, air out the dogs and “walk on air” around the campsite in my foam crocs. 🙂 They don’t weigh anything, but they are indispensable to camp comfort while on the trail, IMHO.

    • Thanks for the comment! There are few moments finer than sitting by your campfire on a cool autumn day with your feet comfortable in a pair of Crocs just warm enough in front of the fire. Love it!

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