Making Progress… Illustrations for Upcoming Book Release

Bear E

As I’ve written here on, I’ve been in the process of writing my first outdoor “how-to” book for a VERY long time. It always seems that it gets put on the back burner anytime that a camping/fishing/hiking/outdoor trip comes up, the lawn needs mowed, the family needs quality time, or the couch needs tested for comfort.

Lately I’ve been pushing myself to complete “Smoothing It… An Updated Guide to Woodcraft and Camping.” I am pleased to announce that I have completed the entire manuscript and have sent it to my editor for review.

This gives me an opportunity to do the “fun” part of completing this project – the illustrations. I’ve been working diligently on the pen and ink illustrations that open each chapter and provide pictures where words fail to properly illustrate a point.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and art so this is as much a joy as it is work. Last night, I pointed out to my wife that I can recall being a young man and spending countless hours doing exactly what I was doing at that moment – listening to Pink Floyd bent over a coffee table drawing.

The header picture for this post is the opening graphic to Chapter IX, Safety in the Outdoors. This chapter covers first aid, first aid kits, potential hazards, gun and knife safety and more.

Hatchet M

Pen and Ink Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

This pen and ink is the opening graphic to Chapter IV, Hatchets,Knives and Such – A Woodsman’s Gear. This chapter gives a thorough list of gear useful to the woodsman. In addition to the hatchet and knives, it covers cooking gear, backpacks, fishing gear, and quite a few other items that you will find valuable if you intend to smooth it in the outdoors.

Man I

This pen and ink opens the introduction chapter, The Modern Man and His Need for the Outdoors. This chapter opens the book and explores how modern life has affected us and how the outdoors provides the needed break in our auto-pilot lives.

Backpack M

Pen and Ink LC-1 Alice Ruck Sack

This pen and ink graphic opens Chapter III, Boots, Hats and Clothing – Outfitting the Woodsman. This chapter will definitely help the aspiring woodsman determine what items are essential for warmth and comfort.

I’m really enjoying this process and hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at the drawings! Hopefully the book will be completed and available this month.

Thanks for visiting!

Montani Semper Liberi!



4 thoughts on “Making Progress… Illustrations for Upcoming Book Release

    • Thanks a lot. For the next book (which I’ve been procrastinating to start,) I’ll use actual photos and make it a more “professional” looking book. But for this one, I wanted it to be very much home-made in looks and feel. Hopefully, when it’s complete (still waiting for its return from editor), it turns out like I want it to!

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