Campground Profile – Greenbrier River Campground


If you’re looking for a Southern West Virginia outdoors getaway, you’ll likely enjoy what the Greenbrier River Campground has to offer.  There is beautiful scenery, comfortable camping, and of course, the Greenbrier River.  The campground has recently changed ownership and seems to be thriving.

I’ve never owned a campground but would have assumed that there would be a learning curve and a few obvious hiccups in operations.  But I sure didn’t notice it while watching Bob and Beverly run the Greenbrier River Campground.  After purchasing the campground in October of 2012, they hit the ground running and are in full-stride at this point.  I had the pleasure of meeting Bob and Beverly during a recent visit to their campground where I had the opportunity to learn a little about them, their campground, the Greenbrier River, and how a couple from Connecticut and Mississippi ended up here in the Great State of West Virginia.


Bob, a former charter boat captain, explained to me that he wasn’t so concerned where he ended up “as long as it was on the water.”  He and Beverly were looking for a campground to purchase and manage and ended up purchasing the Greenbrier River Campground.

The campground was established in 1989 and has had its share of visitors and regular customers over the years.  Most come to stay for the canoeing, the peaceful atmosphere, the spectacular small-mouth bass fishing, and all that the Greenbrier River has to offer.  The campground is located along the banks of one of the prettiest and most enjoyable sections of the Greenbrier.


The main grounds, playground, volley ball court, and bathhouse.

The Greenbrier River Campground offers pop-up, RV and motor coach sites, tent sites, several RV rentals as well as a cabin and a group site.  The RV sites are located around the perimeter of the main grounds of the campground.  The tent sites are right on the river.  I personally love riverside campsites.  The sound of the river makes for most enjoyable nights.

There is a modest but clean bathhouse located on the main grounds as well as a playground, a volley ball court and plenty of room for outdoor sports or running children.


The Greenbrier River Campground is well equipped with Old Town Discovery Canoes ready for small mouth bass and river adventures.

The Greenbrier River Campground provides quite a few river services that are worth mentioning.  They provide tube rentals, fishing boat rentals and canoe and kayak rentals.  All are enjoyable but based on my visit (and maybe my personal interests,) the Greenbrier is made for canoeing.  They are well equipped with Old Town Discovery Canoes and a fleet of vans, trucks and trailers capable of shuttling rentals miles upriver.


This rental fishing boat is waiting for you to take it down the Greenbrier in search of M. dolomieu.

In addition to providing rentals, they also provide shuttle services for those bringing their own boats.  With the sections of river that they service, it would be easy to develop a several day fishing and canoeing excursion along the Greenbrier using the campground as a base of operations.

Bob and Beverly have also developed a relationship with a local fishing guide.  I’ve seen the pictures to prove that Matt Edwards can find the fish and teach you how to catch them.

The Greenbrier River Campground is a great place to paddle a canoe over class1 and class 2 rapids, to fish for that citation small-mouth you’ve always wanted to catch, or to simply enjoy the serenity of watching the river flow past your campsite.  If you’re interested in visiting this area, I highly recommend contacting the Greenbrier River Campground and heading for the river!

Greenbrier River Campground

Phone:  (304) 445-2203 or 1-800-775-2203



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***A Note from Duncan – I don’t get paid to review any products, services or campgrounds.  This allows me to provide honest reviews and guarantees that you will not read a review on that I don’t honestly believe to be worthwhile.  That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the Greenbrier River Campground and wanted to share a great place to camp with the readers of  Thanks for visiting!***

Montani Semper Liberi!



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