An Outdoorsman’s Light that Everyone Will Love – Joby Gorillatorch 100


The Joby gorillatorch 100 is an incredibly useful and bright light that any outdoorsman will find well worth the investment.

IMG_6416I was initially introduced to Joby flashlights by a fellow woodsman who brought one along for an outdoor adventure.  I was impressed by how functional it was in the outdoors.  Later, as we repaired my Land Rover Discovery, I also witnessed how functional it was in other environments.

The Joby gorillatorch is an LED light resting on a maneuverable tripod.  The end of each leg of the tripod is magnetized allowing for a variety of positions and possible uses.

Joby’s website provides the following details about the gorilla torch 100:

  • Brightness:  100 Lumens maximum
  • Light Output & Run Time:  Low = 80 hours, Max = 23 hours
  • Batteries:  3 AA batteries (included)
  • Size:  8x3x2.5″
  • Weight 6.5 ounces (with batteries)
  • Materials:  High quality ABS plastic, Ultra-bright white CREE LED, powerful neodymium magnets

The Joby site also points out the following details:

  • Ultra-bright 100-lumen CREE LED
  • Integrated dimmer switch
  • Quick battery replacement
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Over two dozen leg joints
  • Powerful magnetic feet

In combination with the Petzl Tikka Plus 2 headlamp, I have found that despite its additional weight and packing space, a Joby gorillatorch 100 provides the best possible lighting solution for the woodsman.  Using both lights when on an outdoor adventure provides the woodsman with enough hands-free lighting for any task.


I highly recommend the Joby gorillatorch 100 to any outdoorsman – or anyone else for that matter. They are incredibly useful regardless of your interests or hobbies.  As father’s day approaches, keep the gorillatorch in mind.  I’m certain that your dad will love it!  Go ahead and buy yourself one too.  You deserve it.

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