A Magazine for the Old-Fashioned Woodsman

 the Backwoodsman Magazine

If you’re interested in homesteading, self-reliance, primitive living skills, woodslore, survival or any other woodcraft related topic, The Backwoodsman is the magazine for you. I’ve been reading it for years and it has never disappointed. It is full of useful tips, tricks and information that most any outdoorsman will find useful.

The Backwoodsman is published six times annually with a cover price of $4.95. Subscription prices are $24/1 year, $46/2 year or $64/3years. Charlie Richie is the editor and publisher of the magazine. There are quite a few contributors to the magazine but I like the fact that Charlie has done well to make his magazine a family business.

the Backwoodsman CoverI just purchased the current issue today and have already read it cover to cover. According to the cover, it features: Feral Food Cultivation, Modern & Traditional Blowpipes, The Old Time .28 Ga. Smoothbore, How to Feed Big Bore Airguns, What Small Boats Used to Look Like, and Pallet Sheds. However, I most enjoyed an article about Old Time Woods Loafers and their .22 Rifles.

I highly recommend the Backwoodsman to anyone wanting to learn about woodcraft and camping.

If you’re interested in finding out more, visit www.backwoodsmanmag.com.

3 thoughts on “A Magazine for the Old-Fashioned Woodsman

    • Same here. Although I’m probably going to add WV Living and Wild and Wonderful (both West Virginia Mags) to my subscription list. I’ve bought quite a few Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, and Fur, Fish and Game but the only one that I find consistently useful information in is The Backwoodsman.

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