The Every Man’s Everyday Knife – Spyderco Delica

Spyderco Delica 1

On day trips to the wild, I typically take my everyday carry knife, a Spyderco Delica. It has proven to be an excellent folding knife that I highly recommend for the outdoorsman or for anyone looking for a useful, durable and affordable knife. I have owned several of these knives (one stolen, one lost, and one current) and have always been pleased with their performance and durability. When I broke my previous everyday carry (Cold Steel Voyager), I decided to go back to the tried and trusted Spyderco brand and haven’t been disappointed.

Spyderco Delica 2

The Spyderco Delica measures 7.125″ open, 4.25″ closed and weighs 2.5 oz. The blade is 2.875″ long and is available in PlainEdge, Spyderedge and CombinationEdge. (I prefer straight edge knives as they are much easier to sharpen.) It is easy to disassemble for cleaning and the pocket clip is movable to accommodate tip-up, tip-down, right or left-handed carry.

I typically sharpen my everyday carry knife more often than most of my knives as it takes a lot of abuse. The Delica’s VG-10 steel blade takes and holds an edge well but requires sharpening more often than the Cold Steel and Benchmade knives I’ve carried in the past. However, the durability of the blade more than makes up for the additional sharpening requirements. This knife can take daily abuse and still perform well.

Spyderco Delica 3

Disassembly is Easy with T6 and T8 Drivers

With Spyderco’s clip-on system and thumb-hole design, the Delica is comfortable to carry and is convenient to use. The knife is quick to draw and open making it seem always at the ready. The shape of the handle and blade makes it a joy to use as it handles both tedious and larger cuts well.

Although I have found other folders that are more refined and better for tedious work, the Delica performs well as a “work-horse” knife because of its shape and durability. I highly recommend it for an everyday carry knife.

5 thoughts on “The Every Man’s Everyday Knife – Spyderco Delica

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    • Thank you. It’s definitely a spectacular knife – one of my favorites. I’m carrying a Schrade Stockman right now and it’s excellent in its own way. But it’s hard to beat Spyderco knives for everyday carry.

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