Rough Notes 6 – Bowhunting Kanawha County

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing archery under real bowhunting conditions: 20′ high treestand, full camouflage and full gear.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Rough Notes from the Woods 6

Bowhunting – Kanawha County

I expect that today is my last chance at bowhunting before the crazies with rifles invade the forests and reduce my likeliness of seeing any deer.  To my dismay, I awoke late and found myself in my treestand nearly an hour after I had planned.  Nonetheless, I was determined to give my best effort.

I rarely see any activity here in the mornings.  Most often, the deer visit in the evenings.  However, this morning surprised me.  At about 9 am, a pretty lady on four hooves snuck right down the trail past my stand.  My buck only policy ended on my last hunt as I would enjoy a supply of jerky and canned venison this season.

I had practiced for this moment for months.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve climbed the tree in my backyard and smoothly drawn my bow, squeezed the trigger, and watched as my arrow penetrated my target with pinpoint accuracy.  I was confident in my abilities of stealth and accuracy.

As she walked behind a short bushy tree, I attempted to draw my bow in my smooth motion.  My muscles were tight and cold and did not perform as expected.  It took a bit longer to draw and wasn’t as smooth as my practice shots.  By the time I was ready to release the arrow, her white posterior was bouncing over the hilltop.  Needless to say, disappointment saturated every cell of my body as I watched her continue her path beyond my arrow’s reach.

Perhaps I will find at least one more chance for success at bowhunting this year.  If not, next year is looking better and better.  As I’ve stated to my cousin countless times before, “I guess that’s why they call it hunting and not killing.”


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