Rough Notes 4 – Cranberry Backcountry

Rainbow Trout for Dinner

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Rough Notes from the Woods 4

Cranberry Backcountry

Shortly after the sun’s first rays, I forsook the warmth of my sleeping bag and headed out for a few casts.  I had a lot of picky eaters follow every bait in my possession, none of which proved enticing enough for breakfast.

I returned to camp only to find no hot coffee or anyone else awake to have made it.  I settled on holding down my choice log and whittling on my fire stick while I ate breakfast.  Gradually, the tenderfoots awoke and camp livened up a bit.  Today is my last day of fishing so I headed back to a few more holes.  There are lots of fish here but none seem to want to join us for dinner.

I returned again to find two more of our party arriving with coon-hound “Gypsy” following close behind.  One large rainbow trout hung from a stringer off of my buddy’s handle bars.  We all caught up on each other over a pot of coffee.  Upon noticing my beard, one of the newcomers turned to me.  “Been a while since you shaved?”  I answered in my best Jeremiah Johnson-ish voice, “Ain’t much call for razors out here.”

After some refreshments and resting, the fishermen and I headed back to the river.  I enjoyed the company briefly but alone is how I prefer to fish and spend my time.

Two rainbows swam by as I pulled my pen and log from my vest making me wish I had grabbed my rod and reel instead.


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